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Where better than Italy, world renowned for its history and culture, its geographical and climatic diversity, could you hope to find such numerous opportunities to inspire your creative tendencies? We are taking it upon ourselves to make personal contact with people and places best qualified to nurture your creative spirit. Our mission is to bring together the right ingredients allowing you to make choices best suited to your artistic interests.

In partnership with talented and qualified artists, established cultural venues and small-scale specialist event organisers, we aim to create the recipe for the ideal retreat for the practice of a number of popular artistic activities and hobbies, dedicating particular attention to short programmes with a Venetian theme. The events will be classified either as ‘independent’ (ie. workshop without accommodation included in the event fee), ‘residential’ (ie. simple accommodation included in the event fee) or ‘closed’ (workshops or courses with a closed number).

Whether you are a ‘creative traveller’ in search of an interesting combination of location and artistic event, or an artist, writer or tutor on the lookout for an unusual and inspiring venue to host your own individual or group course, we are certain that you will find something in our programmes which appeals to you. If you are looking to create your own personalised event, don’t hesitate to contact us to work out a mutually beneficial plan based on your own ideas and timings.

Janys Hyde
Creative Retreats in Italy
Venice, Italy

Janys Hyde

jan-sept-2006Founder and owner of ‘Creative Retreats in Italy’, Janys Hyde brings a wealth of hospitality and organisational experience and skills into her small company, matured both in the UK and Italy. She spent several years in the UK as a ‘trainer manageress’ with a fashion chain where she was responsible for the training of new store management staff around the country.

After moving to Italy she transferred her skills to the tourist hospitality industry, accompanying international guests across Europe, caring for their welfare and needs; troubleshooting and organising impromptu events for their entertainment. Her ‘school’ was one of the toughest companies in the field — a common observation being, ‘if you can work for them you can work for anyone’.

Italy, and Venice in particular, became, not only her beloved home, but also the hub of her working experience and the focus of her passion for the people and the language in which she soon become fluent, even so far as to understanding and speaking the local Venetian dialect. She interspersed her European commitments with local hospitality appointments, gradually building up a network of contacts with local suppliers, vendors and services.

advisor-110Meanwhile she was not only improving her hold on the Italian language, but had also thrown herself into learning other, more technical and obscure languages for creating web applications which stood her in good stead when she became a Senior Advisor with CoffeeCup, a US based software company, where for many years she voluntarily dedicated hours of her time in an advisory capacity on their forums. Although rarely active in the forums these days, she still retains her ‘Ambassador’ status as a ‘veteran’ member of the community.

Marriage and family in Venice brought about a few changes to her mobility, but also presented her with new and interesting challenges and innovative ideas which inspired her to do a diploma course with the International Institute of Event Planning in 2004. As a result of the new contacts she made and the consolidation of her hospitality and organisational skills , she became one of the cornerstones of the 2010 opening and subsequent editions of the very popular ‘Festival of the Arts’ held every year on the island of Giudecca in Venice.

PrintA year or so ago she backed down from her executive role with the group in order to ‘take a breather’ and prepare for this new project entitled, ‘Creative Retreats in Italy’. Not one to sit still for very long, she and her Venetian husband filled in the intervening time by taking to travelling around the country with a large motorbike making a number of memorable journeys, not least a road trip back and forth to the UK. A ‘creative person’ herself, she dabbles in all manner of artistic pursuits and has also just successfully completed a ‘Nanowrimo’, 50,000 word writing competition and is now raring to go with this new challenge.

So why don’t you join her at one of her events — looks as if it’s going to be a lot of fun for everyone concerned!


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