An unexpected special deal

framesWe have been taking a close look at how we could improve on the price of our 4-day silk painting event coming up in September for those who are either feeling — or worrying about feeling — the Brexit pinch. There is no doubt that the pound has taken a bit of a nose-dive with the risk of putting an unexpected strain on the purse strings of many of our UK participants.

Unfortunately, for some of the costs we have to cover, there is no room for negotiation — the tutors have to be paid, transported, fed and given a roof over their heads; the location has a cost, taxes have to be paid and the essential materials have to be bought for our workshop projects. So as you can imagine, there aren’t many ways to wriggle out of all that — if not for what could be considered extras, such as the lunches! So that is precisely where we have done a little chopping and changing in order to keep the costs down.

So how will that work from the attendee’s point of view? We are very lucky in so much that our venue is within a very short distance of restaurants, snack bars and a supermarket. During the lunch break you will have enough time to pop out and get a bite to eat — or drop by the supermarket to pick up a sandwich or similar and bring it back to the venue to eat if you prefer. There is a small fridge available for our use in the venue for those who decide to pick up something on the way over to the workshop each day — your choice. That way you spend as much or as little as you like thus keeping your budget under control.

Not huge savings I appreciate, but for previous attendees or for those travelling and signing up in groups of two or more you have the additional 5% discount to cut the costs even further! For those of you joining us from within the Euro zone — let’s face it — you are looking at a €40 saving on the original cost whether you can apply further discounts or not! Not bad really if you think about it. So looking forward to seeing some of you at this super silk painting event, and don’t forget to sign up soon.