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Looking to set up a series of day courses for those who are in and around Venice for a short vacation. With these visitors in mind we have organised a few fun events which will allow you to do something a little different whilst you are here, and at the same time offer you the opportunity to create a personal keepsake or special gift for someone back home. Our single day events attempt to closely link a creative activity with Venice in order to make the experience even more worthwhile as a souvenir of your time in this enchanting city. Come back often to see what’s in store, and for the time being, check out the Urban Sketching and Silk Painting events

Focus on Fiction with Vanessa Gebbie

Venice 2018 The unique and atmospheric city of Venice has intrigued writers for centuries, gifting them stories, inspiration, settings, characters. Join their ranks in May 2018 for a second series of fiction workshops led by a writer whose fiction and poetry have won awards, and whose text book is recommended reading on creative writing courses in the UK and beyond ...
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Prospectus: Fibre Art Wall Hanging

A fun, single-day event. See your wall hanging develop as you add ribbons, beads and scraps of textiles to your woven base. You will learn how to prepare a simple wooden frame with the warp threads which will then be the base for your weft -- the threads which are used to weave the background support for your piece of ...
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‘Italian on the Go’

This month I was invited to create a dedicated 'walk and talk' event for a small group of Australian ladies visiting Venice for an intensive Italian language course combined with visits to various local cultural events. The group was accompanied by Luisa Liussi as part of her ‘Venice with Luisa’ programme of events and excursions which she organises annually for ...
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Fun things ahead

Still working on the idea that single day crafting events are a fun option for those who visit Venice just for a few days, but who would still really like to take away a super special record of their time in the city -- here is our latest offering. A fiber art day aimed at the creation of a small ...
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Photography in Venice

Well I can't sit here twiddling my thumbs and so would ask you to spread the word far and wide that Creative Retreats in Italy is in the process of researching the possibility of a digital photography workshop here in Venice. The group would be tutored by a well established photographer. For now, we just need to know what kind ...
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Venice Sketching

Urban Sketching in Venice Overview The Urban Sketching in Venice walkabout offers an original sketching experience which enables you to immerse yourself in the heart and soul of Venice. Sketching is the perfect tool for capturing the city as it opens up your imagination and enables you to see the sights in a refreshingly new light. Suitable for everyone – ...
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Prospectus: Silk Painting Day

Painting on silk, single day workshop Prospectus for intensive 1-day Workshop event Course overview Silk is one of the most beautiful of all fibres, it is also one of the oldest. Silk is a superb fabric to work with. It has a natural lustre and gloss which means that it has beautiful decorative properties. During this workshop you will ...
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Creative activity

Special dates just for you and your group?
Could be the events’ calendar dates do not fit in with your schedule!
Are you a tutor or group leader? Or maybe just someone travelling with a bunch of friends?
Maybe you would like to fit one of our Creative Retreats activity events into your travel plans here in Venice?

Contact us and let us see what can be done. Just remember that the more time you can give us ahead of your visit, the more chance there will be of fitting in your request for personalised dates or of creating a special event just for you!