Dragon boat template

Sample colouring dragon boat
Sample colouring dragon boat
As we have said before, not everyone can draw — not that my efforts are of note, but nonetheless, I am happy to share these boat images with anyone who is interested. This collection has been created for the Festival delle Arti (Arts’ Festival) this coming September, 2016 where we will be running a workshop for youngsters. We will be creating lots of boats of all shapes, colours and sizes using recycled materials such as old cardboard boxes — the Coop and other supermarkets throw piles of them out every day. In this photograph you can see a sample of a ‘dragon boat’ which has been created for the ‘Pink Lionesses’ here in Venice. They work hard for a very good cause and we sincerely hope that at least a few of them will make it over to the event this year.

So let me give you a quick ‘how-to-do-it’ list for our dragon boat here:

  1. Pick up a cardboard box from the supermarket or wherever else you see them throwing them out. My dragon boat (and the template too) are about 70 cm long by 28 cm high so make sure your cardboard box is big enough
  2. Make sure you have some tools for working — a pair of scissors, a couple of paint brushes if you are going to be using paints — and would you believe — I also use an old bread knife for cutting the card. A container for some water — a plastic water bottle cut down will be fine as the colours can be difficult to remove afterwards so using something you can throw away is a good idea.
  3. You might like to protect your table with some plastic or newspapers — I used a piece of plastic table-cloth, but a large bin bag cut open will be just as good
  4. Some colourspens, paints whatever. For my boat I used some tempera colours and then did a few details with acrylics. A felt tip or pencil might be useful too.
  5. I always keep to hand a kitchen roll and a plastic bag for my rubbish — you will probably be wiping blobs and sploshes quite a lot so having paper to hand helps
  6. So now you have all you need, print off the template which you can download at the foot of this page or in the Download Zone over on the right. You should print the pdf as 4 separate vertical A4 sheets, and then stick them together vertically to get the full template. I used selotape to stick mine. You may need to cut off a bit of excess white paper or just use it for the overlap when you stick the pages together.
  7. I find one of the easiest things to do when I need to dry my boats, is to peg them on the airer. A word of warning — when you have finished, pass the airer with a sponge as there are bound to be blobs of paint here and there which you don’t want to transfer to your clean washing next time you use it!
  8. The only rule for painting your boat is that — there are no rules, so let your imagination flow. We are not expecting major works of art but just bright, colourful boat lookalikes!
  9. If you cannot get to the workshop, do feel free to do a boat and drop it off at the Palanca bar making sure the staff know what the boat is destined for.

Have fun!!!