Festival delle Arti, 2016

colouring-boatsFin che la barca va (as long as the boat stays afloat)
Come along and join us to make little boats using recycled materials during the Festival delle Arti, Giudecca, Sacca Fisola, 9, 10 and 11 September, 2016. All the boats will be put on display as part of the installation in the host venue, ‘Andrea Tardini Fucina’.

Our mission is to raise awareness concerning the tragedies which occur almost daily along the coasts of the Mediterranean. Hundreds of people lose their lives during their attempt to escape from a war or from a life of oppression and abuse, in search of a better one. Often the children pay the highest price. The title of our event embraces two concepts. The first regards the hope and the desperation of the people who take on such a dangerous journey. The second represents the indifference of the authorities — the lack of resolution in the face of the current emergency — a sort of apathy which almost seems to prefer to allow things to run their course without resolving anything.

We want to create a moment of reflection for the adults, and a moment of joy for the little ones with this creative workshop. The little boats will be ‘sold’ for a symbolic amount after the event, and all proceeds will be donated to Medici senza Frontieri. The event will be hosted in the ‘Andrea Tardini Fucina‘ venue on Giudecca, where the little boats will be exhibited for several days.

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