Getting there, Staying there, Moving around there

suitcaseGet the most out of your creative holiday by organising yourself well in advance wherever possible. Often this will also mean being able to take advantage of lower costs for travel and accommodation with the added bonus of ‘Early Bird’ discounted event fees in some cases. You can download this page of information called ‘Local Resources’, to print or read offline using the Download link at the bottom of the page or in the right-hand column.

We will look at various modes of travel and types of accommodation giving you a wide range of suggestions based on our personal experience, your feedback and on what internet has to offer.

Before you make any travel or accommodation arrangements, make certain that you have registered for a place on the Creative Event of your choice. Once you have paid your deposit and have received confirmation that the course numbers are sufficient, feel free to go ahead with your arrangements.

General guidelines

What follows is a set of general guidelines covering all Creative Events. Please consult your chosen event and event location pages for more specific instructions which may differ slightly from these generic ones.

Creative event


  • Register for your preferred event
  • Pay your deposit for the event
  • Await confirmation that registered participant numbers are sufficient to run the event
  • Now check that your passport is in order for the next step
  • Go ahead and book your travel, accommodation and insurance either through a trusted travel agent or by making arrangements using your own contacts and travel preferences

Air travel

    1. Which airport/s is closest to the Event Location? If you are unsure of the most convenient departure/destination airport, browse through the linked lists below.
    2. Book your flight
      • Arrive at least one day before your chosen event starting date to allow yourself ample time to orientate yourself in your chosen accommodation area.
      • IF your event programme includes accommodation, the organisers will lay down specific guidelines for your arrival and departure dates.

Some airline companies offer hotel packages at reduced rates if you book your flight and your hotel at the same time. Take a look and see if there is anything on offer within easy reach of your event location. You might be able to make some unexpected savings on your trip!

  1. Airport to hotel?

Travel alternatives

Maybe you live close enough to the Creative Event to give your preference to other forms of transport such as rail, coach, bus, private car or even boat in some cases. Here follows a list of useful links and suggestions covering these alternative choices.

  1. Private or Rental car
  2. European bus travel
  3. European train travel

Somewhere to stay

Check your event details — does it have accommodation included or is it your responsibility to find somewhere to stay?

  • Where no accommodation is included you will be able to decide on whether to stay for a period that extends beyond the event dates, even travelling with family members or friends if you wish.
  • Only you know what your budget is, and based on that, will decide what kind of lodgings are most suited to your needs and pocket. You can consider self-catering, hotels, hostels or bed & breakfast establishments — the choice is endless.

Use Google Maps to pinpoint your event venue. Once you have established the exact location it will be easier for you to select accommodation within easy walking or local transport distance. Feedback from some event participants suggests that booking your travel, accommodation and insurance through your local travel agent will often save you money and stress. It is certainly worth your while looking into this option.

  1. Find your accommodation
  2. Giudecca based accommodation
    NB. The portals listed above also offer accommodation on Giudecca. Those listed below have all been used and recommended by previous event participants.
    Workshops held on Giudecca might include Creative Writing, Watercolour painting, Silk painting — check your prospectus for details of your event venue

  3. Easy access Giudecca
    Other accommodation within reasonable travel distance of Giudecca

Local transport

mapNewcomers to Venice are often surprised to learn that there are only two ways to get around the city — by foot or by local water transport. If you look carefully at a map of Venice, you will notice that there are very few canals wide enough to take large water buses. So the first thing to add to your holiday wardrobe must be a pair of comfortable walking shoes.
If your event is being held in the city centre, you may not need to purchase a travel card.

Let’s sort out your travel card

It is possible to purchase your local travel card online. Have your credit card or Paypal details to hand to complete your purchase. You will pick up your travel card when you arrive in Venice by using the PIN code sent to you via email during the online transaction. You will need to print off that email to claim your travel card.

Read more >>>

  • Click on the link below and select your language — as shown by the red arrow in the screenshot then initiate the purchase procedure by clicking on BUY in the horizontal menu. Before initiating your purchase you will need to create a card on the home page of the ACTV web site.
  • Click on the PUBLIC TRANSPORT banner link to open the options available to you
  • Choose an option from those available and click on the OFFER DETAILS link. Your choice will depend on the length of time you will be staying in Venice. If you opt to buy a runaround ticket inclusive of airport shuttle service, just remember that the return journey to the airport MUST be made during the duration period of the runaround ticket you choose. You might be arriving by alternative means eg.train, private car etc. and not need the airport ticket.

Alternatively you will be able purchase your travel card when you arrive in Venice at one of the numerous automatic machines or at one of the ticket offices listed below. If you are arriving from outside the Euro zone, make sure you procure some Euros to make payment in the machine.

  • VENICE MARCO POLO AIRPORT (ticket office & automatic machines
    OPENING HOURS: 08.10 am – 10.00 pm
  • PIAZZALE ROMA – Tram shelter (automatic machine)
  • FERROVIA SANTA LUCIA – Railway Station (waterside ticket office & automatic machines)
  • PIAZZALE ROMA – ACTV Ticket office
    OPENING HOURS: 07.00 am – 08.00 pm
  • PIAZZALE ROMA – ATVO Ticket office (shuttle services to Venice & Treviso Airports)