Henry Hyde

Henry_bw_greenfilter-200An honours graduate in European History and languages from Sussex University, Henry’s interest in wargaming is firmly rooted in a passion for history. He has a special love of campaigns, the eighteenth century battles of Marlborough and Frederick the Great and siege warfare.

Henry is the well-known Editor of monthly “Miniature Wargames” magazine for Atlantic Publishers (ISSN 02663228). In 2013, it was successfully merged with his own, originally self-published “Battlegames”, which he had used as a vehicle to turn his hobby into a career in 2006. The resultant, combined publication has been exceptionally well received.

Besides writing, he is a professional graphic designer (laying out every issue of “Miniature Wargames”, as well as “The Wargaming Compendium” and for other clients) and enjoys painting watercolours, pushing the boundaries of digital photography and dabbling in music. One of Henry’s greatest passions is for cooking, which has resulted in his current waistline.

When not frantically trying to meet deadlines, Henry fills his ‘spare’ time with blogging, podcasting, tweeting and all those other modern-day activities that prevent us from truly relaxing. Somewhere in the midst of this madness, he is also working on at least two novels (one fantasy, one sci-fi), some short stories and another book on wargaming.

Henry lives in the beautiful county of East Sussex.

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