Sarah Sherwood

sarah-sherwoodBy the mid-90s Sarah Sherwood had graduated with her BA (Hons) in Graphic Design and left the UK to travel the world. Sarah’s passion for buildings and architecture inspired her to develop the highly distinctive black and white style that she is known for today. Her keen powers of observation allow her to create beautifully detailed drawings that are deeply evocative of the varied places she knows and loves. Sarah’s art expresses her love of the places she has lived, with a unique take on the charming French island of the Ile de Ré or the quirky exoticism of the Hawaiian island of Maui. Deeply appreciative of her time in Venice, Sarah loves to share her alternative perspective on the surrounding picturesque scenes. Through the amazing depth of her individual approach to architectural drawing, she hopes to share her sense of fascination with you.

Look around you through her eyes and you will see the winding ‘calle’ and the waterfront squares, the historic monuments and the incredible buildings of the Serenissima in an enchanting new light.

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Handmade by Sarah

Sarah has been working so hard to come up with a couple of exclusive designs for Creative Retreats in Italy. We are delighted with her ideas — perfect for sketching around town when a compact roll up cushion is just the ticket for sitting down on cold steps and marble pavements. The cotton shopper is the right size for those sketching tools too. Take a look at the results which we think would make a beautiful souvenir of your painting experience here in the Serenissima! Details of these handmade articles and how to pre-order them are right below the image gallery.

The Cotton Shopper
Dim: approx.37 cm x 43 cm
100% Cotton
Lightweight and practical and very popular with the Venetian locals.
The Venezia logo has been embroidered by hand by the artist.
Cost: £15.00

The Portable Cushion
Dim: approx.40 cm x 28 cm
Top of cushion in 100% Cotton
Underside of cushion in waterproof nylon
Light polyester padding
Secured with lateral ties when rolled up
The Venezia logo has been embroidered by hand by the artist.
Cost: £15.00
The cushion fits comfortably inside the shopper with your sketching tools should you decide to purchase both.

Anyone interested in purchasing one or other (or both) of these handmade articles, can contact Sarah directly by email: madebysarita at outlook dot com
She can also be contacted through her Facebook page: