Home Studio


Quirky venue which doubles up as studio and owner’s living space. Ideal for one-to-one events or a couple of friends working on a tutored project together. Good set of reference resources and lots of equipment available to use for various artistic activities in keeping with your chosen event.


Fondamenta della Palada
Venice, Italy


Quiet location close to amenities (incl.bank & post office)
Wi-fi connection
Hot beverages available
Close to local restaurants

Getting there

Public transport motoscafo no.s 4.1 or 4.2 to Giudecca
Public transport vaporetto no. 2 to Giudecca
Get off at boat stop Palanca
Turn left
Cross small bridge
Take first on right and proceed to small square and wooden bridge.
Standing on the wooden bridge, the venue is the square building on the corner of the two canals in front of you, to your right.

Typical activities in Home Studio