Marco Bassi

With a degree in philosophy, the last thing Marco Bassi thought he would become was a master in the craft of mask making. But then, as we know, the best laid plans often fall by the wayside.

Marco has dedicated much of his working life to the workmanship of papier mâché — understanding how papier mâché is made, from the beginning to the end of the process, using the application of traditional techniques and materials, supported by constant research and lively experimentation. His professional workshop has availed itself of the experience of workers and professional collaborators both in the artistic and craftwork field, as also in the historic and philosophical ones.

The models which Marco creates regularly in his laboratory, in part recall the traditions of the masks of the ‘Comedy of Arts’, the ancient Venetian Carnival or are inspired by the 18th Century. On the other hand he also produces new designs for the present day modern Venetian Carnival such as the feathered masks, animal masks and so on. Lastly he produces theatrical and home interior objects in all manner of sizes and decorative finishes.

With his masks he has taken part in theatrical, cinematographic and various other kinds of performances both in Italy and abroad.