Creating your own event

tools_brushesHere are some of the basic considerations for anyone wishing to create their own, personalised event. It would be a good idea to read through this page before completing the form with your event proposal.

There are a number of reasons for approaching us and requesting our services for the organisation of your event. The most obvious is probably the fact that we are here on the spot in Venice with access to numerous local contacts and vendors. Equally important could well be the language issue — we speak both Italian and English making communication between all interested parties much simpler whilst we act as go-between and overseer during all phases of the event — from its conception through to its realisation.

tools_tripodBefore you decide to call us in for help, let’s just give you an overview of what we do and what we can offer in the way of assistance. The most important things to bear in mind are that we specialise in ‘small’ and that at present, our main area of operation is in the city of Venice. We collaborate with artists, writers, tutors and groups whose interest is participating in or hosting an active artistic event such as a painting workshop, a creative writing retreat or some other form of hobby related activity.

tools-cansExperience has taught us that tutors of creative and artistic pursuits generally prefer to work in small numbers of between 10 and 20 participants — a practical and manageable number which allows the mentor more time to dedicate to each ‘student’ taking part in the course. If you foresee that your proposed event will be catering for a larger number, it might be worth considering dividing your group in half and having a ‘2-session’ event perhaps carried out in a morning and an afternoon depending on what the chosen activity involves and how your tutor feels about the additional work involved.

When suggesting a venue for your activity we must be guided by several factors — the size of the group, the type of activity, any equipment requirements (tables, dining, lighting, electric points, technology aids etc.) and last, but far from least — your budget.

mapsVenice provides its very own set of limitations and advantages as far as locations go. This incredibly beautiful and amazing city exercises an ‘inspirational’ pull on potential participants of all ages. Regardless of the type of activity you offer, many attendees, given the chance, would choose to extend their stay either before or after their course activity in order to make a ‘proper’ holiday of their time in the city. They may never have seen the place before and are often ‘hungry’ to get in some exploration around town. Bear this in mind when you are looking into accommodation and transportation to Italy. The most obvious disadvantage would be the logistics of moving people and things around town where having someone on the ‘inside’ to iron out the hiccoughs would be an advantage. Finding a suitable venue is not an easy task, but yet again, our role is to do just that — find the right place for your personalised event and make sure that getting around is as trouble free as possible.

stationery01So what can we organise for you and what questions can we answer? Well first and foremost we can help you do some sums to come up with a budget for your event — what it will cost each of your group members — what the venue will cost you — local transport — group transport from the airport or other point of entry into the city. How much should each of you budget for your meals? Would you like to take your meals together at the venue? Why don’t we get in catering for your group? Where is a good place to stay within easy reach of the event venue? Let us suggest a list of the accommodation nearby to suit all pockets. How much, can you as the tutor expect to earn for your work during the course? How about extra equipment — should your art class (if that, for instance, is what you will be doing here) bring everything or can they count on finding some of the more bulky equipment on hire or loan at the venue? Would you like us to procure arts’ and crafts’ materials for your use on site?

To answer these questions and to find out more, why not complete our form and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.

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