Not everyone can draw

header-silkpaintsI wouldn’t be in the least bit surprised to learn that the greatest problem the silk painting workshop presents to those who are taking part (or maybe are still thinking about taking part) is the fact that they have to have some sort of idea about what to draw on their beautiful silk scarf! No amount of assurance from me will convince you that it doesn’t really matter, and that the simplest set of shapes will still be very effective once they are all coloured in with the beautiful colours we will be using.

So I set about trying to find a solution to this potential problem, and quite by accident made a brilliant discovery. I was flicking through the pages of a magazine in the local newsagent when my eye caught sight of one of these ‘adult’ art therapy colouring books which have become so very popular over the past couple of years. These magazine type books are filled to overflowing with loads of solid line drawings. The idea is to relax yourself by scribbling away with your coloured pencils, filling up the pages with lots of fragments of colour. The effect is, apparently for some, very therapeutic.

Complex floral inspiration
Complex floral inspiration
But back to us. What I saw was — not a colouring book for adults — but a wonderful collection of inspirational line drawings which would transfer beautifully to a scarf. For beginners I would certainly suggest that you simplify the image by leaving out some areas of the drawing, but I am convinced that the images would be very suitable for beginners to use. Why not buy yourself one of these books and start to give your design some thought? They cost about €4 here in Venice and I assume that they would cost about the same in most places.

However, have no fear — we will make sure a few simple iconic images of Venice and some floral ones too will be available for your use for the workshop, just in case you find nothing beforehand.