Prospectus: Fibre Art Wall Hanging

A fun, single-day event. See your wall hanging develop as you add ribbons, beads and scraps of textiles to your woven base. You will learn how to prepare a simple wooden frame with the warp threads which will then be the base for your weft — the threads which are used to weave the background support for your piece of fibre art. According to your personal preference you will be able to attach various decorative details such as coloured ribbons and unusual yarns made available to you during the creative session.

9.30 — 17.00 hrs
Mid-morning and mid-afternoon refreshments will be available and included at the venue (tea, coffee, fruit juice, infusions and biscuits)
A lunch break will be taken at approximately 12.30 — 13.30.
There are several snack bars close to the venue where you will be able to buy an inexpensive lunch.

Cost of workshop:
€40,00 per person (includes personal kit)
€35,00 per person (without kit)
Maximum number of participants 4 people
10% discount for those who have already taken part in a Creative Retreats’ event.

All participants will be able to choose between the selection of yarns, textiles etc. available in order to complete their creation. Everyone will also have a piece of wooden dowel on which to attach their finished wall hanging to take home with them.

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The Kit
This is the kit everyone uses, but only those who pay the €40 will be taking away with them. The reason for this is that the frame is quite bulky for those who are travelling, so they may prefer not to keep it after the event and will therefore only pay the lower fee as indicated above.

  • Wooden frame (40 x 50 cm)
  • Nails for frame preparation
  • Large wooden weaving ‘needle’
  • Weaving ‘comb’

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