Prospectus: Silk Painting Day

Painting on silk, single day workshop


Prospectus for intensive 1-day Workshop event

Course overview

Silk is one of the most beautiful of all fibres, it is also one of the oldest. Silk is a superb fabric to work with. It has a natural lustre and gloss which means that it has beautiful decorative properties.

During this workshop you will be shown a range of techniques to demonstrate the basic principles of painting on silk. The beginner should not feel daunted as the aim of the workshop is to build confidence and inspire you to go further.

You will learn how to stretch silk on a frame and how to use an outliner as a resist to stop the colours flowing together. We will first use a sampler to experiment with shading and blending the colours on silk before you work on your main project. There is no need to worry if your drawing skills are weak as you will be able to choose between various sketches of iconic Venetian monuments and symbols and floral designs which can be traced through the silk!

Special paint effects can be created using salt, sugar and special additives, metallic colours and glitters.The dyes we use are easily fixed with an iron, so in a matter of hours you will create a fabulous scarf. Everything you need will be provided by Creative Retreats; sketching materials, resist, paints, brushes, a frame and pre-hemmed silk product to work on and paper to prepare your personalised project details.

Why not spend a few hours with us, inspired by the art and artisans of the incredible city of Venice where you will make new friends and then return home with some great memories and an attractive handmade gift for yourself or someone dear to you.

Workshop timetable

Language: English & Italian (as required)

Listen to timetable in podcast

Our day, step by step
Welcome meeting 9.00 – 10.00 hrs
Time to take a few notes and get an overview of what our day together will involve.
Morning tutored session 10.00 – 12.30 hrs (with included refreshments break)
Preparation of silk scarf using the ‘serti technique’ (enclosure technique) and colour trials — tracing image from template and colour trials on template and sampler. Resist must be applied to scarf before lunch to give it time to dry. The drying process may need to be assisted with use of a hair-dryer.
Lunch break 12.30 – 13.30 hrs (you will find several reasonably priced snack bars & restaurants in the studio area)
Afternoon tutored session 13.30 – 17.30 hrs (with included refreshments break)
The scarf painting during the afternoon session will be terminated with time to effect all necessary controls to ensure that the painting and design are completed to our satisfaction.
When the painted image is dry, we will iron our silk project to fix the colours and then wash it to remove the resist and residual dye.
Completion of our project by late afternoon.
NB. Please note that the one-day event is particularly intense and will be conducted at quite a fast pace in order to complete all stages of the project. There will be guided assistance throughout..

Workshop fee:

Single day fee €75.00
Maximum participants 2 people
Discount of €10 each for 2 people booking together
The following ARE included in the fee:

  • 1 days’ assistance with local artist in private studio
  • Use of necessary equipment (eg.water receptacles, brushes, wooden stretching frame)
  • Drinks refreshments for morning & afternoon breaks
  • Use of materials & consumables (eg. masking tape, silk paints, resist, disposable aprons & gloves)
  • Choice between selection of images of iconic Venetian of monuments/symbols and floral designs to use for project if desired. To save time, however, you are encouraged to prepare your own template beforehand. Contact us for template measurements.
  • Remnant of white silk for sampler
  • A pre-hemmed square white silk scarf for your workshop project


The workshop will be held on the world-famous island of Giudecca – home to some of the most luxurious hotels in Venice, including the Hilton and the Hotel Cipriani. A spot which has become an important area for the arts in recent years, where numerous artists have set up a home or studio to enjoy its Bohemian atmosphere.

Giudecca is an extremely convenient location thanks to the direct public transport lines which connect it to the train terminal, the coach terminal and to Tronchetto, an island dedicated to vast parking areas for those who visit the city by car. Just 300 yards across the Giudecca Canal is the Zattere, a very popular leisure area – and a couple of hundred yards further on is the Grand Canal crossed by the Academy Bridge. A short 10 minute boat ride or 20 minute walk and you will be at St.Mark’s Square, surrounded by all the tourist attractions for which the city is famous.


Please register your interest in the one-day workshop by completing the § dedicated form online at the very earliest opportunity. You will then be contacted for your completed registration and a deposit of €35,00 of the total fee to be paid via Paypal. The balance of the total sum will be due in cash upon arrival in Venice at the workshop venue. If you are eligible for discount, it will be deducted from the balance due.


Deposit of €35.00 (Euros) to be paid via Paypal or bank transfer at the time of registration**.
Balance of €40.00 (Euros) to be paid in cash upon arrival at the venue.*
*The balance will differ for those entitled to a discount.
€10 (ten) discount for two people booking together at the same time — please make it clear to us who your ‘booking partner’ is at the time of registering

Made up your mind? Ready to book?

**If you have already received confirmation from us that your preferred date is available, go ahead and book now by paying your registration deposit using the Paypal button you will find below. Make sure you use the dropdown menu to select the 1-Day silk painting event deposit of €35. Please absorb your own banking charges — we have enough of our own to deal with!

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