Reckless writers

Any of you reckless enough to grab this last minute opportunity to join Vanessa Gebbie in her creative writing workshop next week? ‘The Art of the Short Story’ has a couple of empty places which have become available at the very last minute due to unexpected family illness — places that are just crying out to be filled by someone with the courage to throw care to the wind and hop on a plane or a train over to Venice. You’ll get a small discount for your troubles, and will gain so very much from this unique experience that you’ll be asking why you didn’t join up earlier.

Check out the prospectus then give us a shout telling us a few details about yourself, and just as soon as you get the go-ahead, zoom along to find somewhere to stay and the fastest mode of transport to bring you over to this fun event.

Here are a couple of essential links with the details:
The prospectus
Register for event
The payment options
The FAQs
The sample budget

Need to know anything else? Contact us: